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If you're someone who identifies as mixed, multi-heritage, multicultural, multiracial, or if you're still figuring out how you identify, and if it really matters- you're in the right place.  If you identify as a fiercely independent misfit who gives a middle finger to all these labels, you're in the right place, too. So happy you're here.

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My Story

I identify as a Mixed Black woman- but that hasn't always been the case. In fact, when I started working more intentionally with mixed and multi-heritage folks, I felt like I had permission to explore and question all the ways I identify. I want to give you the same permission- you can embrace the messy, complicated, and unfamiliar ways that you identify and choose to show up. But the trick is, you have to show up- and allow yourself to be seen.

I have a Masters in Counseling Psychology and worked for 20 years as a therapist before moving in to coaching, wanting a way to connect with folks that didn't rely on narrow labels, diagnoses and a hierarchy with the therapist as "expert" and client as somehow broken or in need of "fixing". 

You're forging your own path. And it's a path that's different from those that came before you. It may be different than the path that those around you are traveling. I'm here as a companion on this journey. I've had experience going into the darkness, and can help you find your own light.

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My Approach

How I Can Help

We are conditioned, from the time we are very young, to be logical, to control our bodies, and our emotions. My work is getting folks into their bodies- into their guts- where we digest, integrate, intuit, feel, and create. From there, we find our way back into relationship- in a way that doesn't require us to choose attachment over authenticity.

From You- focus on the other, assessing and analyzing what is expected of us, what the other person wants, feels, or needs from us.

Isolation from others

To Me- focus on what do I want, feel or need? Acknowledging and accepting that we have our own wisdom and knowing.

Integration with oneself

To We- coming back into relationship. Finding a way to stand in our strength while being connected with others, asking for and receiving what is wanted, needed, or felt. 

Inter-being and articulation

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