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If you're someone who identifies as mixed, multi-heritage, multicultural, multiracial, or if you're still figuring out how you identify, and if it really matters- you're in the right place.  If you identify as a fiercely independent misfit who gives a middle finger to all these labels, you're in the right place, too. So happy you're here.

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My Story

I identify as a Mixed Black woman- but that hasn't always been the case. In fact, when I started working more intentionally with mixed and multi-heritage folks, I felt like I had permission to explore and question all the ways I identify. I want to give you the same permission- you can embrace the messy, complicated, and unfamiliar ways that you identify and choose to show up. But the trick is, you have to show up- and allow yourself to be seen.

I have a Masters in Counseling Psychology and worked for 20 years as a therapist before moving in to coaching, wanting a way to connect with folks that didn't rely on narrow labels, diagnoses and a hierarchy with the therapist as "expert" and client as somehow broken or in need of "fixing". 

You're forging your own path. And it's a path that's different from those that came before you. It may be different than the path that those around you are traveling. I'm here as a companion on this journey. I've had experience going into the darkness, and can help you find your own light.

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My Approach

How I Can Help

We are conditioned, from the time we are very young, to be logical, to control our bodies, and our emotions. My work is getting folks into their bodies- into their guts- where we digest, integrate, intuit, feel, and create. From there, we find our way back into relationship- in a way that doesn't require us to choose attachment over authenticity.

From You- focus on the other, assessing and analyzing what is expected of us, what the other person wants, feels, or needs from us.

Isolation from others

To Me- focus on what do I want, feel or need? Acknowledging and accepting that we have our own wisdom and knowing.

Integration with oneself

To We- coming back into relationship. Finding a way to stand in our strength while being connected with others, asking for and receiving what is wanted, needed, or felt. 

Inter-being and articulation

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Client Testimonials

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As someone who's done a lot of solo reading and deep thinking about my own mixed identity and experience, I was surprised by HOW MUCH the group impacted me. I had done a lot of healing on my own... but doing so in community with others was next level. I felt a new sense of belonging and processing by my body. It's different to read something vs. to say things aloud, to hear your own voice, to be seen and heard by others and to see and hear them too - even in a virtual setting!


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